Why release pheasants to hunt?

Economic Increase

The investment will give opportunity and provide additional income to local game bird breeders, dog breeders, sporting good stores, restaurants, hotels, and many more

Hunter Recruitment

We see a yearly decrease in youth involved in the outdoors. This initiative will help stimulate interest in younger generations to get outdoors.


Bringing pheasants back to the fields will give more hunters a greater opportunity to experience the hunt of a lifetime. This plan is not for repopulation.

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What is the Michigan Pheasant Hunting Initiative?

We are looking to build recruitment and retention of hunters in Michigan.

DID YOU KNOW! – Non-Resident Hunters spent $139.1 Million Dollars in South Dakota last year, imagine how that could help Michigan!

South Dakota pheasant hunting accounted for 170.1 million dollars last year alone and 82% of that came from NON RESIDENT HUNTERS. Think about the value that could bring to Michigan-based business!

According to the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Department, pheasant hunting accounted for a $170.1 million infusion into the state’s economy last year alone. That includes obvious purchases like hunting licenses, shotgun shells, and hunting vests, but it also includes residual expenses like hotel rooms, meals at cafes and restaurants, and last-minute items purchased from local sporting goods or hardware stores.
Outdoor Forum BB

We had a fun / successful weekend at the Michigan United Conservation Clubs 80th Annual State Convention.  We were able to get the support from MUCC delegates from across the State to endorse the Michigan Pheasant Hunting Initiative!  The goal is to restore MIchigan’s once proud pheasant heritage for this and future generations.

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